Research interests

  • natural language semantics
  • the semantic-pragmatics interface (presuppositions and implicatures)
  • theory of context
  • natural language processing
  • the semantics/pragmatics of poetry

You can download my CV here

About me

My interest in formal semantics and pragmatics developed during my studies at the University of Tuebingen. It deepened after visiting the linguistics department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and working as a teaching assistant and research assistant for the project B2 at the Collaborative Research Center 833 in Tuebingen. The project investigates how presuppositions are processed using methods from psycholinguistics and neuroscience. As a result of my work for the project, my M.A. thesis discussed the question how presuppositions are triggered by taking into consideration our processing data. During the work for my thesis I was faced with the empirical difficulties semantics has to deal with when it comes to the understanding of context-dependent phenomena like presuppositions and implicatures. I decided to do further research at the semantics-pragmatics interface to be able to better understand how context influences semantic interpretation.

I began my PhD while working for the project A2 "Interpretability in Context", an interdisciplinary project combining the methods of literature and linguistics. I investigated further the role of contexts in the interpretation of different context-sensitive phenomena, including pronouns, metonymy and implicatures.

Since 2014 I am working in the project "ObTrEx" which is part of the Priority Programme Since I finished my thesis on the obligatory insertion of presuppositions triggers, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher in ObTrEx. I am currently investigating the insertion of additive particles in downward-entailing contexts and the relation to local exhaustification. Furthermore, I am exploring the contexts which allow for so-called mention-some answers to questions.

Papers in preparation

  • "Maximize Presupposition in Ga and German" (with Agata Renans)
  • "Exhaustivity in questions and German particles alles and so"

Recent and upcoming presentations

June 2018 "Obligatory Additives Crosslinguistically", Mini-Workshop on Variation, University of Vienna
June 2018 "Obligatory Additives Crosslinguistically", Oberseminar, University of Goettingen
March 2018 "Antipresuppositions are weak and slow -- evidence From Eye-Tracking Data" PLC 42, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
March 2018 "Additives as a window into exhaustivity implicatures" Semantikzirkel, Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin